terça-feira, 18 de julho de 2017


Life is still a sum of so many different things that sometimes I wonder how we can process all the information and don't explode with the inflow of words, images, thoughts, sounds, PEOPLE!

I miss silence, the silence of the white walls at night... The darkness of solitude and of the empty halls in front of me...

What it is that makes you beat, that makes you move,  
transverse time and go towards the unexpected?

With all the noise, sometimes we don't see the strategy behind our moves, we seem to become blind to reason and just keep on going to continue the same type of thought, of move and routine act...

I miss the emptiness of sound, full of its own little noises and to stop and forget the world, to get out of my head and go outside and leave this shell of mine. 

What makes you tick, and tick and explode, like a bomb...
what  is the last ingredient to add the mixture that just takes you over the edge?

And yet people are what makes you move in the end, these incomplete and unreasonable expectations of human interactions that makes you feel so inadequate, so full of happiness. 
Upon a music, a song, a word shattering the silence.
The next expectation of a smile, of an approval, of a shared unknowing secret.

A hug, a kiss, holding me.
The untold and unchain melody that life imposes,
the beat constraining our steps, setting us free.

Full of this bittersweet pain that makes you come back again
                                                                                and again, never changing,     
always holding us back...  

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