quinta-feira, 4 de dezembro de 2008

Look. Listen. Choose. Act.

There is too much to know
always something new to understand.
[The world is there waiting]
Why? Where? How?
Satisfy your curiosity on demand.

Will a question stop you?

someone else is looking at you.
Paint yourself in a different light.
[Don’t forget all the colors]
Whatever you do,
don’t be afraid to be right.

Will a detail stop who you are?

Every path must be taken
[Even if only one at the time]
Every experience enjoyed.
Don’t be afraid to risk it all,
even if you take the fall.

Will fear stop you from moving?

one moment is all you’ve got.
[Don’t think forever]
The choice is yours for the taking

Don’t let yourself be caught,
by a trap of your own making.

Will a doubt stop your decision?

Dream where you want to go.
Hear what your heart says.[Listen!]
Abide for what you think is right.
Take that step beyond what's normal,

Don’t let yourself stop you.

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