quinta-feira, 11 de dezembro de 2008


people are mean,
i try to believe that they tend to be good,
but they're not.

Empty vessel under the sun wipe the dust
From my face another morning black Sunday
Coming down again
And coming down again

some people just want to wreck the others day
and sometimes they do...

they can ruin a week,
a friendship,
and my heart in...
about 30 minutes i guess...
that's how long it took...

Empty vessel empty veins
Empty bottle wish for rain that pain again
Wash the blood off my face the pulse from
My brain and I feel that pain again
And I feel my pain again

people like to make fun of others,
they like to hurt them
with no purpose beyond the fact that they want to.

i always hated people like that...

I'm looking over my shoulder
'cos millions Will whisper
I'm killing myself again
maybe I'm dying faster but nothing ever last I
Remember a night from my past when I was
Stabbed in the back and its all coming
Back and I feel that pain again

i do hate people...
people that hurt because they have nothing better to do
but i hate even more
people that are dragged by the others,
and let something disappear because of others opinions...

i just thought that some people would have more backbone...
were more clever than this...

I abhor you I condemn you 'cos this pain
Will never end you got away without a
Scratch and now you're walking on a lucky Path
I have to laugh but you'd better watch your back

a friend of mine presented me this phrase:
"If life gives you lemons...throw them at the mean people and hope it gets them in the eyes!"

right now...
i feel like throwing bottles of acid to several people...
and it was ok if it didn't get them in the eyes...
the rest of the body would suffice...

There's pathetic opposition
they're the Cause of my condition
I'll be coming back For them
I've a solution for this sad
Situation nothing left but to kill myself Again
(Because I'm so empty)

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