quinta-feira, 25 de setembro de 2008

In the end

in the end it's not the final step that counts
it's all the others,
it's the tiny steps, and the big ones
the one that made you ecstastic
and the that single step that made you so sad,

in the end,
it only matters what you are,
all those steps in the way
every footprint you left on someone,
every tear, and every laugh

in the end
you are the sum up of all those stories,
all those films and books
all the magic and reality

In the end
all you need is to know
that you made someone happy for being around,
that you made wrong choices and right ones,
that you made it through the darkness and the sadness
and you enjoyed the warmth of sunday afternoons,
and the smell of new flowers opening in the spring,
you heard the rain on winter nights,
and lost yourself in the middle of the falling autumn leaves

in the end of it all
you just need to know
that you lived...

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